Is Cricket Always Going To Remain Englands Favourite Summer Sport?

Cricket has always been a favourite sport in England for many years, these days sadly it isn’t as popular as football, both World Cups, however, are well attended. The International Cricket Club Cricket 2019 World cup is now well on its way being played. The attendance is at around 200,000, and the final is set to be played on the 14th of July at the Lord’s.

It has always been one of the most played sports during summer though, in England especially, down to the rain is constant, and then great games are cancelled down to a number of the grounds not having a roof over them. Therefore the grounds become too slippy for the matches to commence.

Cricket went from a middle-class sport to nowadays the average teenager loving the game. It has vastly become a game that all the family loves to play. Twenty20 have made a huge impact on the sports game, helping to bring in more people. Local cricket grounds have become a place that many gather nowadays. Especially when you have a derby.

The England and Wales Cricket Board put a call to action in place to encourage clubs to engage with local children and put on activities to get the children to be more interested in the sport. Now the World Cup is being played, from the 7th to the 9th of June 2019, the ECB has announced a focused weekend for celebrations. Cricket has always been a game that brings families together from around the world. What are a few known facts about the game, though? Why should we all be getting more involved in the sport? Let’s take a look at why the sport remains one of England’s best-loved played summer sports.

Facts About Cricket From All Across The World

  • Even though in America the favourite bat and ball game will always be baseball, that wasn’t actually the first game played, the first bat and ball game played was cricket.
  • In America cricket was extremely popular between 1949 and 1965.
  • New Zealand’s Burt Sutcliffe although never winning a single game he played 42 tests.
  • John Traicos he is the only player to ever play test cricket for two countries he wasn’t born in, he was born in Egypt, but he also played for South Africa and Zimbabwe.
  • The legend Alec Stewart has his birthday on the 8/4/63, and the number of runs he actually scored was 8463.

Test World Championship

The test championship is set to take place nowadays after the ICC has recently confirmed a four-day test trial to start after the World Cup. This will be the first ever Test World Championship, they have also announced a one-day international league which will take place in 2020-21.

Village teams in England will always come together on a nice day, to either play cricket or join in with the activities going on. Some cricket matches can actually go on for as long as 5 days especially the derby games. Unless you are playing a limited overs match that is, these games last around 3-5 hours and are played over one day.

In England one of the main things that everybody looks forward to are the county championships with both four day and one-day competitions during the summer months, this brings in the locals and also tourists.

Englands Women’s Cricket Teams

When we all think of cricket, many of us just relate the game to men, many of us do have a tendency to forget the women of the sport. Women’s cricket is starting today to get the recognition it deserves. Women’s cricket can be traced back to 1745 it was first reported in a local newspaper in Guildford. The game that took place was between Bramley and Hambledon.

The first world cup was held in 1973, which was actually won by England and they played against Australia in the final. The World Cup for women then stopped for several years due to the lack of funding, however, in 2005, the Women’s World Cup started again and has run ever since then every four years.

Although England always has had a strong women’s cricket team, they aren’t the best since that has always been Australia. They have won seven out of 10 of the titles. This even puts them ahead of their male team players who have won five.

Interesting Facts About Women’s Cricket

  • Debbie Hockley from New Zealand in the games she played between 1982-2000 she scored a massive 1501 runs in World Cup matches.
  • The fantastic Lyn Fullston scored a staggering 32 wickets in six years in 1982-88
  • Most cricketers talk about Alan Davidson as being the one who first picked up ten wickets and also scoring a ton as well all in the same game, but that actually was a female, it was Australia’s Betty Wilson.

Both the women and men’s World Cup many of us love to take a bet, and online cricket betting is becoming a thing today, everybody loves to have a bet on their country winning. So, why is it England’s favourite played sport?. There are many reasons why the game remains one of the favourites played in England, it brings villages together is one of the biggest, and the atmosphere is excellent! But is it the most loved? It will always remain one of them next to Football and Cricket. This year has been one of the best for some time for the sport cricket.