Rule 7 - Players

A. No professional player will be allowed to play in any HCCL Competition; whether he is paid for by the club, a supporter or any other benefactor. Any club found guilty of breaking this rule (at the time or at a later date) will be liable to expulsion from the league.

B. All players, including Juniors, must be registered with the HCCL for the club they play for. Note that all Juniors are subject to the ECB Directive relating to Juniors in Open Age cricket.

C. Registration Forms: -
HCCL (1) - Club Registration Form.
HCCL (2) - Individual Registration & Transfer Form.

D. The names of each Club's players in typed alphabetical order must be furnished to The League Registration Secretary on HCCL (1) not later than 31st March prior to each season. All clubs must have at least eleven players per team properly registered. Any club failing to register their players by this date will be liable to a fine of £25.00. All Junior players must be included. Any club registering a player as an overseas player must clearly state any such player on their registration form. The declarations concerning any overseas player and the non-professional status must also be returned by 31 March prior to the start of the season. Any club in breach of this will also be fined £25. It is the responsibility of each club to ensure that they carry out sufficient checks as necessary to ensure that no player requires a transfer from a club or league with whom he was registered in the previous two seasons.

E. Subsequent registration and transfers will be confirmed at the following Management Board Meeting and distributed to all clubs by way of the minutes.

F. Any club playing an unregistered player shall forfeit maximum points available on the day along with any further penalties to be decided by the Management Board (checks will be made by the Registration Secretary).

G. No player (except a junior i.e. under 17yrs on 31 August in the year preceding) can be transferred between 31st July and 30th September.

H. No registered player shall play for any Saturday team in another League unless the transfer procedure is completed. Contravention of this rule will automatically terminate the player’s HCCL registration.

I. All clubs to use the forms provided by the League (see item C).
The signing of this form (HCCL 2) becomes a binding contract between the player and clubs. Provided that no other law is contravened, a player shall be recognised as a bona-fide playing member of a club when he has correctly completed and signed such registration form/transfer form and that form has been received by the Registration Secretary. Any form not completed correctly will not be accepted.

J. In the event of any player or official being suspended by his club and providing upon investigation the Management Board supports such suspension, that person shall be debarred from taking part in any future League or cup matches until the matter is resolved.

K. Players who do not need a transfer may be registered at any time. Those registering before the start of a game must have Form HCCL 2 signed by the Umpire or opposing Captain. This form to be in the hands of the Registration Secretary within 3 days of the player's first match. If the Registration Secretary does not receive a HCCL 2 within 3 days, then a fine will be imposed. These fines will be the same as those fines for late result sheets under Rule 8C. Any player, excluding juniors, signing on before the start of a match will not be able to bat before no 7 and will not be allowed to bowl at all in that match. Any breach of the latter will be punished in accordance with Rule 7N.

L. A Club may not register players from outside this League for occasional matches only.

M. A transfer Form HCCL 2 must be in the Registration Secretary's hands not later than 5.00pm on the Friday preceding that weekend's games.

N. Any club found to have contravened any registration or transfer rules might be punished at any time by having points deducted in addition to any other penalty imposed by the Management Board. Penalty of £5 for 1st and subsequent offences, plus a 1 point deduction for the 2nd offence and a 2 point deduction for the 3rd and any additional offences. Where any contravention is proven, then the maximum available points will be awarded to the non-offending team.

O. A transfer is not required for players in this League who play for another Club outside the League on Sundays when their club have no HCCL fixture; providing the rules of the other League or Competition are not broken.

P. All players coming from another Club or League within the current or previous 2 seasons will require a transfer. The exception to this rule is a player for the SAME CLUB playing in another league (e.g. 3rd XI); such a player does not need a transfer.

Q. No player to obtain more than four transfers in a Season without permission of the Management Board.

R. If ALL of the following 3 conditions are TRUE (subject to the definitions below) then a player is ineligible and must NOT play for the B team at that time.
Conditions -
a) He has played at least 6 games since 1st July
b) His 6 most recent games were all for the A team of his current club
c) During those 6 most recent games he scored more than 80 runs or took more than 12 wickets
Definitions -
a) A game is a league or cup (only Allsop or Tinker) game in which at least one ball was bowled.
b) A game played is a game in which the players name appears on the team sheet.
c) The date of the game is that on which the first ball was bowled.

S. A Team Sheet naming all players will be completed and signed by both captains prior to the toss being made. The sheet will remain in possession of the umpires until the end of play. The umpires should then record the duration of each innings, the team scores, any relevant notes and their own identification information. They should then sign the sheet before returning it to the home captain. The Registration Secretary must receive the Team Sheet by first post on the Wednesday morning following the match. Failure to submit Team Sheets will result in a fine – see rule 8C. In the event that a match does not take place, a sheet must still be sent. This must be on the official form provided; any other form will not be accepted.

T. Each club shall keep a list of all registered players, a copy of which shall be displayed in the pavilion. Player's addresses and telephone numbers do not need to be displayed.

U. A club will only be permitted to register and play 1 overseas player. For the purposes of this rule, a non UK passport holder is to have been permanently resident in this country for at least 2 years prior to registering with a club and must have a current UK Visa valid for at least 2 years; otherwise that player is defined as an overseas player.. The burden of proof lies with the applying club and player. A breach of this rule may result in a deduction of points.

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