Rule 13 - Penalties

A. If a question shall arise in connection with any league or Cup competition organized by The HCCL whether or not the matter is already dealt with elsewhere in these rules or Cup rules The Committee shall have full power to inflict such penalties on both Clubs and players as they shall think fit and their decisions shall be final and by way of example, and not by definition.

B. Such penalties may be either a fine, deduction of points, (maximum points available on the day to be awarded to the non-offending club), suspension, expulsion from the League, or any combination thereof.

C. The amount of any fine, the number of points deducted or period of suspension shall be at the discretion of the Management Board whose decision shall be final provided that before any such penalty is imposed: -
(i) The player and/or the Secretary of the Club against whom any complaint has been made shall be notified in writing of the complaint and shall be advised that in the event of the complaint being substantiated the Management Board may act in reliance of its powers as contained in this rule.
(ii) Shall be notified of the date, place and time when the Management Board shall consider the complaint and shall be entitled to attend and listen to all evidence given in support of the complaint. He or she may then question any person giving any such evidence, may call evidence on their own behalf and/or may comment on all points raised.

D. The Management Board shall have full power to deal with any business, but their decisions must be strictly in accordance with the rules.

E. Any decision taken by either the MANAGEMENT BOARD OR FULL LEAGUE COMMITTEE shall be fully in accordance with the League rules as set down in the League Handbook.

F. The Management Board shall have the authority to impose sanctions against clubs who fail to take satisfactory action to improve their administration, their ground or facilities without reasonable explanation. These sanctions will only be used after a full written report has been sent to the club following a meeting between club officials and the Management Board. Appropriate timescales will be set. Sanctions can consist of fines, points’ deductions, relegation, non-promotion and in extreme cases after a final written warning, expulsion.

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