Rule 17 - Bye-Laws

A. The Captains are requested to see that the ingoing batsman passes the outgoing batsman at the Pavilion door.

B. Boundary hits shall be scored as per MCC current laws. The designated boundary shall include any person, other than a participating player, obstacle or animal etc. on the field of play making contact with the ball; in this case 4 runs will be scored. All Clubs must provide a clearly defined boundary; local rules shall apply. All local ground rules must be prominently displayed in the pavilion and opposition changing rooms and Umpires informed.

C. The ball shall be bowled from each wicket alternately in overs of six balls.

D. All games shall be played under the current MCC Laws.

E. Each Club bowls its own balls, which must be of a reasonable standard and which must be shown to the opposing Captain and MUST be approved by the Umpires before tossing for choice of innings. A standard ball to be used throughout the League.

F. The batting side shall be responsible for organizing a search for any BALL LOST during play.

G. No player shall be allowed to bowl in either Cup or League games unless he/she is attired in White or Light Grey Flannels.

H. All scoreboards will be operated from 0 to 45 overs. Any club operating an electronic scoreboard must have a manual backup scoreboard available to cover in case of breakdown.

I. No under arm bowling will be allowed

J. No artificial pitches are to be used in any competition organized by the League.

K. Performance collections may be taken for any of the following: -
(1) Batsman scoring 50 runs or more.
(2) Bowler taking 6 wickets for 40 runs or less.
(3) Bowler taking Hat Trick.

L. The League to have a qualified groundsman’s committee to inspect new clubs grounds and grounds which are reported as being unfit for play during the Season.

M. Every club shall be responsible for ensuring that its players, officials, employees, spectators and all persons purporting to be its spectators or followers conduct themselves in a orderly fashion and refrain from violent, threatening, abusive, obscene or provocative behavior, conduct or language whilst attending or taking part in a match in which it is involved, whether on its own ground or elsewhere. Players, officials, members, supporters and employees must adhere to the club code of conduct, which prohibits racially abusing comments and actions against fellow players, officials, members, supporters and employees. Failure to comply with this instruction will result in disciplinary action being taken against the offender(s) as specified in the League Constitution.

N. There must be 2 capable scorers at all times. Where a team do not have a non-playing scorer they will:-
a) when batting, score their own book
b) when fielding, withdraw a player to act as scorer, and no substitute shall be allowed for this player. It is not necessary to be the same player who scores for the duration of the whole innings. However, in normal circumstances there will be no more than 2 changes of scorer. These changes to be approved by the umpires and must take place in a natural break in play e.g. at the end of an over, at a drinks break or during a break for inclement weather.

O. Clubs must provide adequate covered accommodation for the scorers.

P. All games should be played in accordance with the ECB’s Fast Bowling, Helmet, Young Fielders and Junior cricketers playing in Adult matches Directives.

Q. All clubs should provide 2 clean umpire jackets for use by the appointed or substitute umpires. Where there is an Umpires Room, Clubs must maintain acceptable conditions of accommodation for the Umpires.

R. The scoreboard should be kept up to date and clear of obstruction at all times. Umpires must insist that this happens and should suspend play until it is to their satisfaction.

S. Players clothing must be predominantly white or cream in colour.

T. There shall be no smoking at any time on the field of play during the match by any player or official.

U. Each club must provide bowling markers.

V. Prior to the start of each season, the captains or vice captains of each side shall attend a meeting with the Management Board to discuss issues relevant to captains and players. Failure to attend will incur a fine of £10.

W. A club failing to satisfactorily attend to business &/or correspondence of the league shall be liable to be fined or otherwise penalised at the discretion of the Management Board.

X. All clubs playing in the Premier section shall meet the following criteria:
• Two sightscreens (subject to topography of the ground) constructed of wood with wheels or white plastic sheeting with poles.
• Male and female or unisex toilets on site (Portaloos acceptable)
• Shower facilities
• Clearly marked boundary (rope, white-lined or flagged)
Promotion to the Premier section shall not be allowed without meeting these minimum criteria. Any club already in Premier section not meeting these criteria shall be relegated.

Y. The Management Board request that each club shall become a member of the Yorkshire Cricket Board – Groundsman Association.

Z. A changing room key must be available at all Central League grounds, to enable away sides to secure their belongings inside the changing room. If the changing facility has more that one door then keys must be made available for all doors. Where it is not possible to furnish a key i.e. when the changing room doors have no locks, a suitable secure area must be made available where valuables can be stored safely.

AA. No player shall take a mobile phone onto the field of play.

AB. The winners of the Huddersfield Central Cricket League premier section will represent the League in the YCB six-a-side competition. Failure to fulfil this obligation will result in a penalty of £30.

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