Rules for "CopyMark Friend Allsop Cup" Competition

A. The Competition shall be called the "Friend Allsop Cup", and be under control of the League Committee.

B. It shall be competed for by all 1st XI teams in the HCCL. The preliminary round shall comprise the 1st XI teams of newly admitted clubs in their first season if any, and the lowest finishing 1st XI teams in the league structure for the previous season.

C. The team winning the Competition shall have the Cup presented to them and be entitled to hold it until the 1st July in the following year (except when it be returned at February meeting for engraving and re-presentation at League Dinner)

D. The Club receiving it must provide satisfactory security for its safe return to the League secretary or his discretion

E. In the event of a Club ceasing its membership of the League, such Club must return the Cup at its own expense within seven days of resignation.

F. The Cup cannot be won outright.

G. Trophies to be presented at the completion of the final-
Winners - 12 trophies Finalists - 12 trophies Umpires - 2 trophies
Scorers - 2 trophies Man of the Match (replica) - 1 trophy.

H. All playing members of a Club, including juniors, shall be eligible to play in the Competition with that club , providing that :-
(i) If aged under 17, the player was registered no later than 7 days prior to the date of the fixture
(ii) Otherwise, the player has played in the 1st or 2nd eleven for the Club before 31st May or was registered with the HCCL for that club by the first match of the season.
No player registered on or after the day of a cup game will be permitted to take part in that game.

I. All bowlers to be restricted to a maximum of 12 overs in a cup match

J. No player shall be allowed to play for more than one club in the Cup Competition.

K. All cup matches will be played on a Sunday, commencing at 2pm, with the exception of the First Round which will be played on a Saturday commencing at 2pm. The Final will commence at 1.30pm.

L. A Reserve Date will be allowed for each round. Regardless of the amount of play that has taken place, if a winner has not been decided at close of play on the Reserve Date then a Bowl-off shall take place to decide a winner.If the first innings is not completed on the Scheduled Date then a new match is to start on the Reserve Date.

M. If the first innings is completed on the Scheduled Date but is then stopped through inclement weather the game will continue, where it left off, on the Reserve Date unless the teams mutually agree to continue on any date prior to the Reserve Date. Should the match have to continue midweek, due to play on the previous day being abandoned due to weather conditions, if possible and agreed by both Captains the two appointed Umpires can make an inspection of the ground during the late afternoon to avoid unnecessary travel. If conditions are in their opinion unfit for play the Umpires shall contact the clubs concerned at telephone numbers agreed after suspension of play the previous day. Alternatively a local independent qualified Umpire to make the inspection and to contact the club officials involved with the match who will contact the appointed Umpires.

N. In semi and finals no bowl-out shall be used. Alternative dates will be allocated by the MB.

O. Normal hours of play of an evening shall be 2 hours 30 mins, but in the event of the innings of the first batting side closing at 8.30pm or after, irrespective of the time of starting, the Captain of the second batting side has the option of commencing his side's innings on that evening.

P. All games to be of 45 overs maximum duration each team. If a match cannot start at the stipulated time because of adverse weather or ground conditions, then each team shall lose one over from its allocation for every complete 6 minutes delay.

Q. If a cup match finishes with the scores level then the side that has lost the least number of wickets will be deemed the winner. If both sides have lost the same number of wickets then the result will be a tie. In the event of a tie prior to the Reserve Date the match must be replayed on the Reserve Date. In the event of a tie on the Reserve Date a bowl-off shall take place on that date.

R. In the case of tied matches in all rounds up to the final, the venue for the replay will be the reverse of the first match.

S. The same fines as to broken engagements, late starts, not phoning the result and late match reports are as enforced in the league.

T. Cup matches results must be texted and forms sent, as per league games, by the home Club.

U. In the final the winning Club is responsible for texting and sending in the match forms.

V. The price of admission for the final shall be fixed by the Management Board.

W. Members and supporters of both competing Clubs must pay.

X. After payment of umpires' fees, and the ground expenses the nett proceeds of the gate shall be at the disposal of the league Committee.

Y. At all rounds preceding the final each competing Club shall pay ONE umpire during the tea interval.

Z. At matches not completed on one day the additional umpiring fees shall be shared equally by the competing Clubs.

A(a). Each Club must bowl its own ball in all rounds preceding the Final. The League to provide one match ball to each Club in the Final.

A(b). The final shall be played on neutral grounds, the venues for which shall be determined by the Management Board from a list of written applications from Clubs willing to stage these matches. In the absence of a suitable neutral ground being available then the final shall be played on the ground of one of the participating finalists, decided by lottery.

A(c). The draw for these matches to be made, at a Management Board meeting, at least ten days before the date of the first match

A(d). The Management Board shall select the Umpires for Semi-finals and Finals.

A(e). There shall be an interval of not less than two weeks between each round of the Cup including the Preliminary Round.

A(f). For the final the rolling of the pitch shall be carried out by the competing teams (except where a mechanical roller is available).

A(g). The expenses for Umpires for Cup Matches to be £30.
Each team shall pay one Umpire £30 for the Match plus £10 per extra visit, whether it be the following Sunday or any additional evening. If only one official umpire is present he shall be paid £35 for the match plus £10 per extra visit; these fees to be equally shared between the teams.

A(h). All points not otherwise dealt in Cup rules shall be in accordance with league rules.

A(i). The pitch shall be rolled before the commencement of a match, in the presence of either the opposing Captain or Umpires and no roller shall be put on after that time until the completion of an innings. If an innings is continued on a succeeding day the pitch shall be rolled and mown (if necessary) before continuing the innings

A(J). Representatives of the Management Board shall do the cup draws after each round.

A(k). Bowl-offs
a. The umpires shall arrange a suitable site and oversee a bowl-off but if in exceptional circumstances they deem it impractical then a winner shall be decided by the toss of a coin.
b. Five players from each side will bowl one delivery over-arm. The first bowler from team A will bowl, then the first bowler from team B, then the second from team A and so on. The side which bowls down the wicket most times shall be the winner. If the scores are still level after all 5 players have bowled the bowl-off will continue until a result is achieved on a sudden death basis using the same 5 bowlers in the same order.
c. A coin toss will decide which team will bowl first.
d. Wicketkeepers to stand at least 5yards behind the stumps.
e. Each delivery to be fair and must pitch in front of popping crease.
f. If a bowler bowls a ‘wide’ or a ‘no ball’ it would count as a miss with no re-bowl.
g. The umpires must take up positions as in a normal game. The umpire at square leg will be responsible for ruling on the bounce of the ball.
h. All players except the bowler must take up a position by the square leg umpire.

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