Rules for CopyMark 20/20 Competition

A. The competition shall be called The Huddersfield Central Cricket League 20/20 Competition, to be competed for by teams in the Huddersfield Central Cricket League and be under the control of the League Committee. The competition shall consist of a Trophy competition plus a Plate competition.
B. Friend Allsop Cup Rules C thru F plus J shall apply.
C. All players to be correctly registered with a club by the end of the month preceding the date of the match will be eligible to play for that club.
D. Speed is of the essence in this maximum 20 over per side competition.
E. Matches to be played on a group basis midweek. Draw will be made on a Regional basis where possible. The Management Board shall determine the number of teams per group and the number of teams going through to the following stages which shall be on a knockout basis. They shall also decide upon the definition of the Plate competition.
F. Dates of games to be played as scheduled.
G. Matches to start as soon as possible after 6pm. Latest start 6.30pm.
H. 5 minutes interval between innings.
I. Target time per innings to be no more than 70 minutes.
J. Spare ball to be used immediately. Batting side to retrieve lost balls.
K. Incoming and outgoing batsmen to cross on field of play. Incoming batsmen to be ready to receive within 90 secs of fall of wicket or timed out.
L. No more than 5 fielders can be on the leg side at any time; otherwise the umpire shall call “No Ball”.
M. A “fielding circle” shall be identified on the ground. The “fielding circle” is – an area bounded by two semi-circles centred on each middle stump (each with a radius of 30 yards) and joined by a parallel line on each side of the pitch. If the boundary edge is less than 30 yards from the middle stump, then the boundary edge will be classed as the edge of the "fielding circle".
N. At the instant of delivery, for the first 6 overs of each innings only 2 fielders are permitted to be outside the area known as “the fielding circle”. For the remainder of each innings a maximum of 5 fielders can be outside the “fielding circle”. In the event of an infringement the Umpire shall call “No Ball”.
O. Bowlers are permitted a maximum of one fifth of total overs.
P. No balls (Overstepping only) count as 1 run plus a free hit. No change to fielding positions if the same batsman is on strike.
Q. Wides count as 1 run plus another ball. Strict leg-side wide interpretation.
R. In event of a tie, in a knockout game, team losing fewest wickets shall be the winner. If still tied result shall be determined by a bowl-off. A minimum of 5 bowlers from each side shall bowl one ball each alternatively at undefended stumps. Bowling shall be subject to normal bowling conditions (no-ball to count as a miss). If still tied additional bowlers shall continue on a sudden death basis.
S. Each side to provide an official umpire.
T. The Shield Final and the Plate Final to be played on a neutral ground on same day if possible.
U. Umpires for the finals will be provided by the League and will be paid £30 each.
V. The League Committee shall have the power to reduce overs in semi and/or final in the event of inclement weather. Bowling and fielding restrictions would then be reduced accordingly.
W. If a knockout match is interrupted through inclement weather and one innings has been completed the match shall be completed on the soonest mutually agreed date on the same Wicket. If the first innings has not been completed the game must be restarted and played before the date of the next round.
X. Result and Team sheets must be completed and submitted as per a normal league match. Failure to comply will result in fines.
Y. In the group stages, points shall be awarded on the following basis:-
4pnts for a win
2pnts for a tie regardless of wickets lost
1pnt for an abandoned game
0pnts for a loss
If teams are level on points, position in group table to be determined initially by head-to-head and then on highest runs per wicket average.

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